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Animal Actors Worldwide


Fully licensed and insured with over 40 years of superior excellence. 


Animal Actors Worldwide has provided top animal trainers, coordinators, and quality affection-trained animal talent to the motion picture, entertainment, and advertising industries for over 40 years.


Animal Actors Worldwide has earned the reputation for delivering the animal action you want, on time and within budget. We are known to film producers and directors all around the nation. We deliver results not excuses. We are also respected by the American Humane Association. 


Our philosophy behind our affection training methods and positive reinforcement help us get the results you expect, while in a happy and safe environment. Consists of love, patience, calmness, and consistency with mutual understanding and respect. 


For the past 40+ years we have dedicated ourselves to maintain the highest safety standards, animal care and training in the film industry. 


We provide script breakdowns by our animal coordinators and also work close with the production by providing a free working budget. 


We provide period buggies, wagons, carriages, and tack. 


We are approved vendors with Marvel, Disney, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, Netflix, Discovery. 


Our experienced staff can assist you with all of your animal requirements you may have from the pre-production stage through permits. We have provided horse riding lessons to cast, talent, and stunt riders. Giving the the opportunities during prep to familiarize and work with our animals.


Animal Actors Worldwide is responsible for many of the animals you see on the television and in the movies. 

Please see our resume


Animal Actors Worldwide has multiple locations around the United States that helps meet the industries needs quickly,  efficiently, and professionally. 


We have provided dogs, cats, birds, horses, tigers, bears, lions, camels, reptiles, and everything in between. Yes, we also have provided 10,000 flies for season 1 Into the Badlands


We have supported such films as Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Logan, Get Out, Gifted, 12 Years a Slave, Stranger Things, Underground, Unabomber: Manhunt, and the list goes on….. 


We are proud to announce our new affiliation with our Bozeman, Montana facility that through permits, we are now moving our operations across the border and into Canada. 


Animal Actors Worldwide is known among film professionals for specializing in training, complicated, and intricate animal sequences with all types of animals 


Animal Actors Worldwide is honored to be selected to provide animals and animal services for Oscar award winning pictures and other memorable award winning entertainment


Our highly skilled trainers can train our animals to do just about anything. We practice humane training methods and always use positive and kind reinforcement, and take great care to ensure that our animals are happy, healthy, and enjoy doing what we ask. 


Our expert training team has consistently developed award winning animal actors. Our extensive experience will help solve your production challenges, and develop a straight forward budget to deliver the results you want. 


Our training staff also includes S.A.G. trainers who do on camera handling and animal related stunts


We give back to the animal community by adopting 70% of our talent from humane society’s. We also help find homes for animals that are too shy for the Hollywood lifestyle through our social media connections. 

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